Friday, June 29, 2007

Overwhelmed with Google's New Offerings

About a year ago, I have been exploring on content management applications. It has somehow helped us but the project was not sustained not only because of the difficulty of maintaining the site but also it can no longer address our unceasing demands due to our unstoppable growth.

Yesterday, I had the time on exploring Google calendar for our company ( ) using our account in Google apps. I was surprised that Google calendar has already a lot of features that would address our need. The need to collaborate especially on our schedules. After a few clicks on Google calendar, I told myself, "Starting today, I can no longer live without the internet".

I shared my discoveries on my adventure with Google Apps to my colleagues in IT and they're also very excited to explore on Google's new offerings. I will also be sharing to the rest of the management team of Citihardware on our upcoming regular meeting.

I am sure, they will also be overwhelmed with what Google can offer to the business.

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Bohol with the Tarsiers

Tarsier pud daw ko. hehe! mas gwapa daw ko gamay sa tarsier oi..kamo ba.. :-)

Bitaw, Bohol is a wonderful place. I have cruised (charing!) the Loboc River and truly the site is exhilarating! Grabe pagka-nindot. I wished I was with my family that time.

I stayed in Bohol Plaza with my officemates and my bosses. One will see the view of Bohol from the top. Went trekking in the Chocolate Hills and other destinations. Whew! I really had fun.

The Dumaluan beach that time is not so tempting as the strong waves looked so scary but we managed to have fun using a guitar and sharing of some funny ring tones.

I wish I will be able to go back to Bohol with my family enjoying the beach and having fun in trekking.


nice place! so far, the cleanest place that i have ever been. i had my "lutu" in this place because of the excessive walking adventures that we have.

i experienced eating at the hawker center where most of the ordinary Singaporeans eat, watched bird show at the jurong park, amazed with penguins inside a very huge glass cage, walked for more than an hour inside the singapore zoo and of course got thrilled in the very famous night safari.

but of course my adventure with my officemates in singapore wouldn't have been complete without shopping! i can remember how my credit card bill shoot up. hehhehe. Shopped in Sim Lim, the famous electronic shop in Singapore where you can find genuine products at lower prices.

i had a great adventure in this country!

Monday, June 25, 2007

The Elephant Adventure

hehehe. porma daw kaayo ko bisag nagpapicture sa elephant!

Nisakay gyud ko aning elephant oi kay sa picture lang baya nato ni makit-an dire sa Pilipinas. Bisag baho ang elephant og kaning nakapula nga nag-guyod sa elephant, ok lang gihapon. Hehe. Dah, pagkahuman lagi nako og sakay kay nanimaho ko og elephant. :-) Malibang man gud sila bisag naglakaw. Hahahha!

Nangadto pud mi sa Rose Garden, Handicraft center sa Thailand, factory sa asin (salt), nanan-aw og mga Buddha (thanks to Stephen for the correction kay pirmiro Buda akong gibutang..) og uban pa. Ang mas naka-nindot pa, gihatagan mi shopping money sa mga boss! Yehey! Ambot pud nga bisan naay pocket money, magamit man gihapon nako akong credit card. hehehe. (pahambog cguro sa taga thailand nga naay credit card. beh!) hehehe.

Oi, di diay nako malimtan ang floating market. Lami kaau ilang mga prutas. Didto lang ko nanakaon og dragon fruit! Nisakay pud diay mi og bangka nga ang tubig pirting lubuga. Sus, hadlok kaau og makatulon ka og tubig kay ma-ospital gyud cguro ka ..hehehe. Lingaw gyud kaau ko sa Thailand. Salamat sa Thailand trip! Breaking News

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