Friday, February 15, 2008

Eden Nature Park Encounter

I was in Eden Nature Park in the highlands of Toril last week for a Strat Planning with the other members of my company's team. As usual, Eden is really a wonderful adventure place. A place to relax while having a meeting. We stayed in Log Cabin where four rooms are just enough for us. We were like sisters in one house helping each other in preparing our dinner and of course chit-chatting while watching Wheel of Fortune hosted by Kris Aquino. It was fun.

Eden is known also as a place for long meetings. Chito Prat was there. He is a classmate of mine in Knowledge Management in Marco Polo Davao last 2005. He is active in the activities of Davao City Chamber of Commerce. He owns a flower farm also in Puan and he is supplying flowers in Marco Polo I guess. I remembered I ask him of some flowers for my new haus in Puan. Remembering his flower farm, I have now thought of partnering with my friend Lewilyn who is good in flower arrangement where we can serve customers needing flowers on occassions like weddings in the city of Davao.

So, let me know if you have a flower arrangement / supply requirements guys. Let me know also if you need help in your Eden Adventure, I might be able to help. Breaking News

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