Monday, June 23, 2008

Beautiful Bohol Chocolate Hills

Bohol is a marvelous place, the Chocolate Hills are just so amazing! Luboc River is a great view and tarsier can only be found in Bohol. There's Sagbayan Peak where you can get good view of the Hills. It is also in Bohol where the historic Blood Compact happened just in the barangay of Cesar Montano, the Philippine actor.

There are also hotels that are overlooking the City and the beaches are as wonderful as the people in Bohol.

It's a great place to hold vacations!


Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Comparing PC-based DVR versus an appliance-type DVR

There are many things to consider when buying Digital Video Recorders (DVR). But a lot of times we asked which DVR is better? Here is a comparison:

* As to price, there’s no significant difference. Appliance-type maybe lower depending on compression. MPEG-4 is a lot cheaper compared to H.264 compression. We can discuss compression types further next time.

* Speed is dependent to PC-specs if DVR is PC-based.

* Maintenance is costly for PC-based DVR. Prone to viruses and other attacks. Should not be used by any other applications to eliminate freezing.

* Security. Not so secured if PC-based especially if admin is not security conscious.

* PC-based will occupy more space than appliance-type DVR.

* Troubleshooting. For PC-based, there is a lot of things to check. OS, other applications installed, etc. For appliance-type, you have single point of checking – Hardware.

Monday, June 16, 2008

Unconditional training key to employee retention?

Accenture released a statement which I read from Inquirer that unconditional training is a key to employee retention. In my opinion, it's just one of the many keys of employee retention. Some other keys are compensation and benefits, relationship with other employees in the workplace, environment and of course employee attitude. Key employees should be compensated well to address their financial needs. They should also feel that they "belong" in the organization. Also a lot of motivating.

Hair Relaxed in the heart of Agdao Public Market

The other day, I had my hair relaxed at Shirley's Parlor in Agdao. The parlor is inside the crowded public market of Agdao, Davao City. If you are from Boulevard Street, there's a jeepney going to Agdao which passes the public market area. If you are from Gaisano mall, there are also jeepneys going to Agdao public market. You also have the option to get a taxi cab.

It has been months that I wanted my hair relaxed but was not always successful because good salons are always full. So when my officemate Chona Dacillo informed me that there is a good but not so expensive salon in Agdao, I immediately went there after getting out of office. So far, it has been two days that my hair looks great and neat.

What makes it even great was I was accompanied by my husband. Being able to eat kwek-kwek (an egg with cucumber, vinegar, salt and some seaweed) sold in the streets of Agdao.

Sunday, June 8, 2008

Toyuzo Hot Spring in Nabunturan Compostela Valley

Yesterday, I had an opportunity to go out with some new friends to Mainit Hot Spring and Resort in Nabunturan Compostela Valley Province. It is 2 hours and 30 minutes from Davao City if you have a private car and around 3 hours if you travel by bus and jeepney. Bus from Davao City going to Nabunturan proper is about 2 hours and 20 minutes and from Nabunturan proper to Barangay Bukal where the hotspring is located is about 40 minutes. By the way, the name of the resort is Toyuzo (some call it Tuyuzo) Hot Spring and Resort.

My companions spent the night there. The cottage is very affordable. For 10 persons, the fee is only 1,500 pesos for overnight stay. There are cottages for day trip also and it's much cheaper. If my memory is right, it's less than 500 pesos. The place is good for relaxation since you can take a natural sauna in a cave, go swimming in a not-so-hot pool from the hot spring. The place is surrounded by small volcanoes which are the source of hot spring water.

Since the time I have visited there in 1999 with my officemates from a mall, the place has improved. There are more cottages now and more people going there also. I have observed that most people are not from Nabunturan but from other neighboring places like Davao City and Tagum City. I even saw foreigners (Japanese, Americans).

We were able to bring food (lechon for lunch) and light drinks. I mean Sir Frank, a manager from San Pedro College Finance department brought the food for all of us. Wow, more blessings to you sir. Anyway, there are also available food inside and outside of Toyuzo. You can have grilled fish and some barbeques. We brought 3/4 kilo of fish for our friend Jojie who can't eat pork.

What a great weekend escapade! Thanks guys!
You may contact Toyuzo with this telephone number 084-3761151. Breaking News

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