Wednesday, July 4, 2007

Hongkong Ocean Park Adventure

On our back is the famous Jumbo Floating Restaurant in Hongkong. It was in Hongkong where I first saw a double decker bus. I didn't ride the bus during my visit because I was afraid I might not know how to give my fare. Because in Hongkong, you just drop your fare in a box or something. So what we did is walk from the Night Market to the hotel about 3 kilometers away. I felt like a kid because of my ignorance. Haha. By the way, I was with Allan Lugo, Judence Pavillar and Rebecca Mahinay that time.

This was also my first time to travel out of the Philippines. Did not even care what to wear. Hehe. I went to Hongkong with ordinary clothing on. I looked like going to Bangkerohan market even. That's why I had an excuse in going shopping so I will have something nice to wear. Hehe. My first time to shop to top brand stores like FILA, Bossini, Giordano, Hanes among others.

I enjoyed not just shopping but of course the rides in Ocean Park. My first time to ride a cable car, got thrilled in Abyss, roller coaster (where i felt like my neck was broken). Hehe. Thanks to my companions who have guts in these rides.

A lot of first times in this country. One thing I just don't like in Hongkong -- some of the Hongkongers are "mata-pobre" if they do not know that you are a tourist. So my advice... when you go to Hongkong, make sure you look rich. hehehe. Breaking News

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