Monday, December 3, 2007

Eva of ANSI visits our office

Wearing green blouse is Eva Limbo, a small but terrible programmer of ANSI Information Systems. She works in Manila particularly Binondo where you can find delicious Chinese hopia. She visited Davao together with her cousin (or baka cousin-tahan. hehe) as was able to drop by our office in Quimpo Blvd. Matina.

In the picture also is Minviluz Ismael, aka Luvluv wearing red blouse. The guy in black shirt is Jerry Miparanum who is always out of the office setting up new stores. Stephen, the guy on the rightmost side is also small. Just like Eva, Stephen is one of the pillars of the IT group. Hehe. He's very hardworking and he likes cars very much. He would stay in the office late to browse for the latest cars available. Just browse. Hehe.

We look good in here. The camera might be high-end. Hehe.

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