Tuesday, January 29, 2008


My sister in law got an ASUS laptop from Taiwan. I like the weight, it's very light. It looks very robust and with the 512MB RAM, applications such as OpenOffice run fast. She like the Operating System very much which is Xandros Linux. Except that, the characters are in Chinese or Taiwanese. I don't even know what language is used. So, I thought of installing a new OS particularly Windows XP or Ubuntu. But I was not able to do it last night because the laptop does not have a CD drive.

On my way to office, I was contemplating on what to do. When I got in the office this morning, I thought of searching Google for possible help. And there's really a way to tweak the language to English. Here is how I did it.

I pressed CTRL ALT T and type this code in the console /opt/xandros/bin/locale_dialog. A new window popped-up and I chose the first button. The system auto restart and it now display characters in English. Wow!

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