Saturday, January 12, 2008

Information Technology - To where I currently belong

Some issues IT departments are facing are:
- Customer thinks IT always force changes on them
- Unclear as to why the changes are necessary
- IT keeps clients in the dark..No info of what happened
- when IT fixes something, they usually break something else
- poor follow-up skills (don't always deliver what we commit to do)
- poor client expectation management skills

What makes IT reliable and predictable?
1. Be responsive and follow up very well. listen objectively; don't try to rationalize
2. IT goals should be in line with the business goals. focus on business, not technology
3. Deliver projects successfully
4. Communicate very well what we are doing & why it is necessary, what IT is getting accomplished and render pro-active status updates

Why should we do this?
Well, for our budgets to be easily approved!

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